Pool Construction

Please watch the video below of a new Edgewater Custom Pools exciting project being built!

To help our future clients understand the exciting process of having a new pool built in their yard, we decided to show you a complete pool being constructed from start to finish in a video provided by one of our fantastic customers.  You will witness from the day of the excavation, until the pool is ready for their first party.  The phases of construction you will be watching consist of the following:

  1. excavation
  2. plumbing/setting of equipment
  3. steel
  4. rough electric
  5. guniting of the pool shell
  6. tile/masonry installation
  7. grading/forming of the decks
  8. pouring and completing of the decking and final electric
  9. plaster/pebble of the pool surface
  10. fill up and start the pool up
  11. explantation to the customer on how to operate their new pool project
  12. enjoy your new Edgewater Custom Pool!