Yard Maintenance

Yard Maintenance

At A Yard Care Company, we want to keep your landscaping looking great all year long. We provide you the best in yard care with our highly trained staff.
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Weekly Service Includes:

Lawn mowing & edge line trimming, adjustment, and cleaning of sprinkler nozzles, disposal of lawn clippings and blowing of hardscape areas of lawn debris each visit

  • Shrubbery:

Pruning and shaping will be done as necessary to maintain proper plant appearance and stimulate growth. Pruning shall be done during the most effective months for plant growth. March, April, September, October dead heading of flowers, weeding of planting areas shall be provided each visit

  • Weeding shall be done on a per visit

Clean-up of landscape areas shall be provided on a per visit basis.

  • Trees and Palms

Trimming, shaping, and thinning of branches and fronds below 8′ in height

  • Irrigation and Timer Adjustments