Pool Maintenance Henderson, NV

Pool Maintenance Henderson, NV

Imagine you want to dip into your swimming pool but find it covered in dirt and ridden in debris.
Sounds disappointing, right?

At Edgewater, we offer comprehensive and tailored solutions for proper and timely upkeep of your aquatic paradise, ensuring you’re able to enjoy it throughout the year without worries.

We understand the importance of a well-maintained pool and go above and beyond to ensure your pool is well-maintained and ready when you need it.

At Edgewater, we offer tailored packages to suit your needs, making pool ownership the joyful ride it’s meant to be.

Family Owned & Operated Business You Can Trust

At Edgewater, we take pride in being one of the most trusted partners in Henderson, NV, for custom pool building, pool maintenance, yard maintenance, and a comprehensive range of landscaping services.
We are a locally owned and operated business run by our family, so you’re not dealing with another nameless corporation.
Over the years, we have built a solid reputation in Henderson’s pool construction and maintenance space, and we go to lengths to keep it intact.
At Edgewater, our core values are honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer service, and we’re committed to earning your trust with every visit.
With us, your pool is in safe and experienced hands – always!

Three Integral C's of Pool Maintenance Henderson

We have a dedicated team of skilled pool maintenance professionals ready to elevate your pool experience to a new level.
Whether you need weekly or monthly pool maintenance Henderson services, our team at Edgewater has you covered.
From skimming to equipment monitoring and from chemical balancing to pool inspection, we offer comprehensive pool maintenance services you can rely on.
There are a few primary components that can’t be missed for a beautiful pool, and we focus on it at Edgewater. It includes


The chemical balancing is crucial to your pool’s health. If not maintained regularly, it can harm your pool’s health, including damaging its walls, heater parts, and even the motor.
As much as you may think it can be done yourself, it’s safe to say that it almost always leads to damage that costs way more than professional pool maintenance Henderson will.


One of the common problems most pool owners in Henderson, NV, face is the buildup of algae. And it’s often caused due to poor circulation.
You may feel that chemical balance will do the trick, but without optimal pump flow, algae growth is inevitable. It can be caused by improper valve setting, clogged valves, or trapped air in the line.
At Edgewater, our pool maintenance professionals will check pump flow and valve settings and clear the line of any air, ensuring optimal circulation necessary for a healthy pool.

Filter Cleaning

One of the essential elements you can’t miss out on for a great-looking pool is cleaning filters. Irregularly cleaned or non-functional filters will result in poor filtrations and circulation, causing a vac not to operate.
This may also lead to dirt and debris being returned to the pool as the filter can’t hold back any further.

Edgewater – Trust Us for Pool Maintenance Henderson

Don’t miss out on summertime fun due to a poorly maintained pool; hire us for your pool maintenance needs.
At Edgewater, we are the best in the business in taking care of all your pool maintenance needs without costing you a fortune.
Our tailored pool maintenance packages are designed to suit every pool owner’s needs, ensuring your requirements are met perfectly.
For more information about our pool maintenance services, call us at 702-254-6380.