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Custom Landscaping (and Installation) Services

Refresh Your Landscape!

Having a beautiful yard – with lush green grass and abundant flower garden can give you a sense of pride and motivate you to get outside. Nothing brings people together like sharing a meal on the patio or enjoying a game of bocce ball on the lawn.

For decades, Edgewater has been providing the best local custom landscaping (and installation) services in Henderson NV. By working with our team, you are sure to have the best-looking yard in the neighborhood in no time. Our deep roots in the area ensure personalized service and commitment to customer satisfaction.
We look forward to working with you, and we are confident that you will find us to be THE choice for all your landscaping needs in Henderson NV

High-Quality Landscaping Services & Solutions

Edgewater is a full-service custom landscaping (and installation) Henderson NV company. Service and style are tailored for each property to deliver excellent results with exceptional quality. Whatever we create for you will bring you closer to the wonder of nature.

Go ahead and explore what’s possible:

Our experts use the latest technology to create a rendering of your landscaping project. It allows you to visualize how your enhanced space will look and function.

Why Should You Invest in Landscaping?

If you spend too many doors indoors and want a reason to get outside a little more, we can help. A beautiful and functional garden can expand your living space and provide a lot of opportunities for enjoyment.

If you have been fencing about whether to invest in landscaping, do not wait any longer! Get in touch with Edgewater and create the property of your dreams.

Why Choose Edgewater for Landscaping in Henderson? 

Unparalleled Landscaping Design Services Henderson NV

If you have a yard design in mind for your property in Henderson NV area, contact Edgewater. Our team can create a custom landscape plan for your outdoor space with everything from hardscape design to vegetation. Exceeding clients’ expectations is our goal, regardless of how large or small your property is. You can rely on our experts for top-quality services at affordable prices.

Share your vision with our team and feel inspired to see them come to life before they are actually built! Request a free consultation with our landscaping experts at Edgewater today!