Pool Maintenance Reno, NV

Pool Maintenance Reno, NV

Owning a pool is a dream of every homeowner in Reno, NV, but to enjoy it seamlessly year-round requires regular pool maintenance.
And that is where Edgewater comes in!

As a family-owned and operated pool building, pool maintenance, and landscaping firm, based in Reno, NV, we have experience of over 50 years in the business.

Apart from a team of skilled craftsmen to build your dream custom pool, we have a dedicated team for pool maintenance, ensuring timely pool cleaning service, heater repair, chemical balancing, pump repair, equipment installation, and more.

Our tailored solutions at Edgewater ensure your pool is pristine, inviting, and hygienic year-round.

Our hassle-free and streamlined pool maintenance Reno, NV services ensure you relax and enjoy your aquatic oasis while leaving the maintenance worries on us!

Our Comprehensive Pool Maintenance Services

At Edgewater, we go to lengths to ensure your pool is spick-and-span, safe, pristine, and clean throughout the year.
When it comes to pool maintenance, detailing matters.
We don’t rush through the pool cleaning and maintenance to get to the next job. At Edgewater, our team ensures every step of the process is thoroughly performed to perfection for that sparkling, clean, and functional pool.
Our process includes –

Pool Assessment

Depending on the package you’ve chosen, our work always begins with assessing the pool’s condition and the extent of cleanup required. It also includes checking if there are any damages or equipment repairs that need to be addressed.

Tile Cleaning

Our team will clean the tiles of any dirt, debris, and oil using a specialized brush.

Pool Skimming

We will skim through the entire pool’s surface to get rid of leaves, dirt, debris, pine needles, etc., that may have accumulated.

Vacuum Pool

We may also vacuum dirt, leaves, and debris from the pool’s surface for thorough cleanup.

Brushing Pool

The tile areas and the pool’s interior walls are brushed thoroughly to remove any stubborn dirt or buildup of moss.

Backwash Filters

We will remove dirt from the filters and if needed, will backwash your filter to lower pressure and clean filters. It helps us check the filter’s health and if it’s functioning optimally.

Chemical Balancing

We will do chemical balancing of your pool to ensure the safety of the users and the longevity of the pool. Our pool maintenance Reno, NV, packages include pH balancers, conditioners, chlorine tablets, and more.

Water Leakage and Blockage Checks

Our pool assessment and maintenance also include checking the pool water levels and if there’s any water leakage or blockage impacting the pool’s health.
Apart from the above-mentioned pool maintenance services in Reno, NV, we also offer other related services like pool water recycling, pool equipment and heater repair, equipment installation, equipment repair, and more.

Edgewater – One-Stop-Shop for Pool Maintenance Reno, NV

At Edgewater, we are a legacy family-owned company serving the Reno, NV, community for over five decades.

Honesty and transparency lie at the core of all we do, which is why we never oversell a product or recommend unnecessary equipment or repair.

We take pride in being the most trusted Pool Maintenance Reno, NV, Company, and we aim to keep it that way!

If you own a pool and want to get it cleaned, serviced, repaired, remodeled, or need professional maintenance, Edgewater is just a call away!

Schedule a free consultation or inquire about our pool maintenance packages at 702-254-6380.