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Since 1979 we have made the backyard resort dream come true. Our focus on pool financing means that unlike most banks, credit unions and investors, we develop loan products specifically designed for pool construction. Click here to visit their website.


HFS Financial was founded by experts in the financial field who wanted to provide homeowners with swimming pool loans and home improvement loans. Working with manufacturers and dealers across the country, our team has built relationships with all major financial institutions that have resulted in thousands of our clients getting the swimming pool loans they wanted. Click here to visit their website.


Installing a new swimming pool (or repairing or remodeling your existing pool) is a large investment. You want a low interest rate, and we’ve made it easier to get one, with your good to excellent credit. Click here to visit their website.


Since 1999, Viking Capital has been providing swimming pool financing services and giving our customers personalized attention to ensure that their loan is a perfect fit.  Click here to learn more.


Nevada State Bank
Your local lender Nevada State Bank has options for pool loans. We recommend Neddy Rodriguez.  Her number is 702-706-9113 or  Click here to find out more