Custom Outdoor Kitchen Henderson

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Henderson, NV

The dining and entertaining experience is greatly elevated by adding an outdoor kitchen to your home.

It offers a memorable alfresco dining experience for your friends and family and is a great feature to have in your backyard.
Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or want to host barbecue parties, having a customer outdoor kitchen in Henderson, NV, makes it a lot easier. 

At Edgewater, we build custom outdoor kitchens for clients across Henderson, NV, and surrounding areas.

With over 50 years of experience and a team of experts, we promise to bring your culinary dreams to life amidst the lap of nature. 

Our Services 

At Edgewater, we offer end-to-end outdoor living services, including the designing and installing custom outdoor kitchens, and everything in between. 
Our comprehensive range of services in outdoor kitchen space includes –

Design Consultation

At Edgewater, we work closely with you to better understand your vision for your backyard and the kind of custom outdoor kitchen Henderson, NV, you’re looking for. We dive deeper into your preferences to understand your lifestyle, aesthetic goals, and culinary preferences. Our discussion and design consultation will also touch on other aspects, including material choices, budget, appliances you want in your custom outdoor kitchen, and other details.

It helps us craft an outdoor kitchen that is not only similar to the outdoor kitchen you dreamt of but better!

3D Design Rendering 

Once the design consulting is thoroughly done, we get to work and bring your vision to life through 3D renderings of the custom outdoor kitchen Henderson, NV, we’ve designed for you. 

It helps you visualize what the outdoor kitchen would look like once completed and if it actually fits your aesthetic goals.

Material Selection

At Edgewater, we offer our clients a wide range of materials to choose from for their custom outdoor kitchen Henderson, NV. It includes granite, stainless steel, weather-resistant wood, natural stone, marbles, and more.

Our experts will help guide you through material selection, ensuring the chosen material aligns with your budget and aesthetic goals and blends with your home’s existing décor. 

We only deal in premium-quality materials and appliances, ensuring the outcome is visually appealing and stays that way for years to come.

Construction & Installation

After the design and material selection process, it’s time to build your custom outdoor kitchen in Henderson, NV. 

Trust our skilled craftsmen to handle every aspect of construction and installation with precision without compromising on safety.
Our outdoor kitchens are made to last, ensuring every component is integrated with functionality, aesthetics, and longevity in mind.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re looking to build a dream custom outdoor kitchen in Henderson, NV, trust Edgewater to get the job done.  As a local business with over 50 years of experience in landscaping, custom outdoor kitchens, pool construction, and more, we’ve helped transform the backyards of hundreds of local residents into a dreamscape, and we can do the same for you with our meticulous approach and professional expertise!

Choose us for –

Edgewater – Upgrade Your Lifestyle With Dream Custom Outdoor Kitchen Henderson, NV!

No matter the type of outdoor kitchen you want or what vision you have, our expert design and construction experts at Edgewater are up for the job.
Our years of experience and a keen eye for detail, backed by the advanced machinery and techniques we’ve refined over the years, allow us to take on any project, irrespective of its complexity or scale.

So, wait no more and elevate your backyard experience by creating an outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of with Edgewater. It surely is an experience you don’t want to miss out on, especially if you’re fond of cooking and entertaining!

Contact Edgewater today for a free consultation or to request an on-site assessment at 702-254-6380.